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“Over the past few years I’ve learned the importance and advantages of regular body work as part of my training regimen in remaining injury free. I started working with Olivia as part of my physical therapy plan while recovering from surgery on my heels. I continued with regular visits as I returned to running and competitive racing. She has played an integral role in my success. With Olivia’s help, I quickly progressed from believing I would never run comfortably again to becoming a successful ultra-runner. 2013 was a whirlwind year for me with many breakthrough performances that culminated in being named 2013 North American Ultra-runner of the Year by Ultrarunning Magazine. I could not have achieved this success without regular visits to Olivia as well as pre-race tune-ups, and post-race recovery sessions. Thank you for keeping me happy, healthy, and running strong.”


Rob Krar -  professional endurance athlete 

“In 2009, I began suffering what would become a chronic back problem. An endless quest ensued for the best way to manage it. I have literally tried everything to improve my day to day living. She takes time to understand my individual goals for the day, month, and long term. It’s very obvious she cares deeply about her clients. Her compassionate care has an immense positive impact on my life every single day. Words can’t convey how grateful I am for her! 


Shannon A - Guardian flight nurse - mountain bike goddess

“As an avid outdoor enthusiast, who enjoys hiking, boating, climbing, running, and everything else under the sun that beats up my body in the most wonderful and horrible ways. I have trusted Olivia to help me put my body back in balance for close to 10 years. Her hands are magical, which I assume is due to the extensive knowledge she has accumulated, and the intuition that I have never experienced with another body worker. My healing process begins and ends on Olivia’s table.”


Carrie A - outdoor enthusiast - Grand Canyon river guide 

"Olivia is incredible! I first came to her super frustrated with scar tissue build up in my ankle after an old injury.  As a runner, any type of minor injury feels like a death sentence, so I really needed some help. With her background working with many mountain/distance runners, she understood my emotional pain and assured me she was there to support me to get me up and running all the miles again. My ankle recovery is a work in progress, but I know for a fact that the changes I've seen are thanks to Olivia's work.  Olivia is very knowledgeable, professional, and cares deeply for her clients. I can't recommend her enough!" 

Gina Valdes - distance runner - blogger

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