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"With Olivia’s help, I quickly progressed from believing I would never run comfortably again to becoming a successful ultra-runner."
-Rob Krar professional endurance athlete

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About Olivia



I have been working with athletes and outdoor enthusiasts since 2010 to get them moving and performing at their best. Early in my career, while working at a physical therapy clinic, I treated a client who was an ultra-runner. He feared he would never run competitively again after surgery on his Achilles tendon. Together, we devised the best treatment plan to get him back on the trail competing. In 2013, he set a course record at the Western States 100-mile race and was named Ultra-Runner of the Year by Ultra-Running Magazine.


When I moved to Tucson from Flagstaff, my bodywork evolved from a sports-oriented practice to a more universal one, and my clientele broadened. Many of my current clients seek me out for pain management and improved movement.

I began expanding my skills as a restorative therapist in 2021 by becoming a protege to KMI Structural Integrator Layna Cirelli. After years of taking continuing education classes from Layna and observing the profound effects of her work, I began weaving KMI techniques into my own practice. My methods are comprehensive and long-lasting, providing my clients with more efficient movement patterns and diminished pain.


Outside of the treatment room, you might find me painting in my watercolor journal, traveling, hiking, or enjoying a glass of wine with a meal (I'm also a first-level sommelier). Balance and restoration are two of the many keys to healing. With my holistic treatments, you will have the opportunity to unlock a few doors on your journey to recovery.

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